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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Isn't This It?

Another late post, perhaps the last one until Saturday if I leave for Vancouver tomorrow like I'm planning. The subject of tonight's post (or at least the main creative force behind the band, Annie Hardy) hails from Orange Country, California, but I won't hold that against them. At least not as long as they're making music this good.

They're called Giant Drag and, from what I can gather, they consist of Annie Hardy and whatever drummer she can snag - right now I think it's some guy named Eli Wood. They recently played a show in Los Angeles with "John fucking Cale" (her words) and have one EP (Lemona, which may or may not have been officially released already) to their name. However, Annie recently let it be known that the band is recording their debut full-length with "a revolving cast of LA's finest drug addicts/musicians" (again, her words).

They've earned a lot of comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Mazzy Star. Another reference point is Kim Deal and the Breeders, in fact too much so: in one post to Giant Drag's (often hilarious) website Annie wrote a letter to England in which she threatened "i swear to god, if you don't stop saying that we sound like the breeders i am going to kick your ass". Other than the Bloody Valentinesque guitar fuzz, it's Annie's lyrics that have probably gained Giant Drag the most attention. Yes, Ms. Hardy appears to have a knack for the outrageous, between joking in Giant Drag's bio on their website about her love of abortions to titling a song an acronym that stands for "You Fuck Like My Dad" to penning lines like "I will fuck you while you cry". Time will tell whether Annie and Giant Drag need such attention-grabbing ploys or not, but my guess is you'll be hearing a lot more from them in the future. Until then, here's a couple songs from Lemona:

Giant Drag - "This Isn't It"

Giant Drag - "YFLMD"

And here's an extra little special bonus super treat: what I believe to be solo Annie Hardy covering Journey (can't believe I just typed that):

Annie Hardy - "Who's Crying Now"


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