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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

All That You Have Ever Hoped For

Last night I read a review that Melissa Amos wrote for Splendid about a band named Sunday Velvet. I'm already a sucker for bands with the word velvet in their name (Velvet Underground, Velvet Teen, Some Velvet Sidewalk, but not Velvet Revolver), but on top of that Melissa's review was so good that I immediately googled Sunday Velvet and ended up at their website. On their site, their leader Bruno Bernard describes their music as "a project at the crossroads of rock and american folk music", and while that's definitely accurate it doesn't betray the gloom and sadness that characterizes the EP Melissa reviewed, All That God Only Knows. As she says in her review, the EP possesses an ache that will be familiar to anyone with more than a passing interest in the melancholy country-ish music made by artists like Will Oldham and Little Wings.

The best part of it all, though, is that the entire EP is available to download from Sunday Velvet's website, as is the majority of two earlier EPs. So, this is what I've been listening to all day: the perfect soundtrack for yet another rainy Washington afternoon. To begin your adventure with Sunday Velvet, just go here:

Sunday Velvet's Website

Or you can just sample my two favorite songs from All That God Only Knows:

Sunday Velvet - "Barbed Wire"

Sunday Velvet - "Let It Slide"

Besides all these free songs, the other thing that's remarkable about Sunday Velvet's website is the following quote: "Nevertheless, if you happen to enjoy thoses tracks, please let us know it. It is such a pleasure and it's our only reward." Who could deny such an honest request? Needless to say, Bernard has an email from me waiting in his inbox.

And oh yeah, thanks Melissa!

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