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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Count All The Good Things

Alright, I wonder how many people are going to be alienated by this post. Not that I'm doing it on purpose; I just have a feeling most people will consider themselves too hip or too manly to be able to appreciate today's song in all it's girly, decidedly new-wavy goodness. I hope to be proven wrong, but if not I have no problem dancing with myse-elf (oh!) to a little ditty called "Sunshine, Sunshine, Where Are You?".

Miss TK & The Revenge - "Sunshine, Sunshine, Where Are You?"

In a better world, this song would be an immediate smash hit, filling dancefloors across the nation, mucking up make-up, obliterating hair-dos and soundtracking glorious excess at its most playful. It's hard to believe how dynamic this song is, and equally hard to believe that there isn't even a hint of pretense or irony; it's just fun, fun and more fun!

I was able to find little information on Miss TK & The Revenge online, but apparently they're from my home state of New Jersey and are comprised partly of married couple Tannis Kristanjson (i.e. Miss TK) and Ari Katz, both of whom were in the band Zero Zero. Here are two more mp3s from thier website:

Miss TK & The Revenge - "Nowhere To Go"

Miss TK & The Revenge - "Concentrate [Demo]"

If you like "Sunshine, Sunshine, Where Are You?", please buy their debut album from last year, XOXO, because it's chock full of more glitter and glam. You can buy the album from their label, Gern Blandsten Records.

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