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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Asleep In Your Shadow

Hot off the heels of last year's excellent Summerland with Moore brother Thom, Nedelle Torrisi kicked off this year right with the February release of her second solo album, From The Lion's Mouth. Where Summerland accentuated the positively jazzy and cool possibilities of Nedelle's voice, From The Lion's Mouth is mostly sweetly-strummed acoustic guitar folk and lullabies for falling asleep under the shade of your favorite tree during the middle of the day.

For some reason, this solo record seems to have gotten a lot less pub than Summerland did. Hopefully that's not because there isn't a man's name above the title. I mean, sexism no longer exists in the music industry and the media that covers it, right? I wouldn't bet on it, but I like Nedelle and I love what she's up to (with Thom and on her own) and that's why I'm blowing my horn, hoping someone else reading this craves knowing lyrics and shiny, sharp hooks, regardless of the gender of the voice singing them.

From The Lion's Mouth was released by Kill Rock Stars, of all labels, who have generously made two mp3s available. Snooping around the internet, I also found an mp3 of what might just be the album's best song, "Oh No!", over at Of The Record, which is either an online music mag or a really fucking good blog. I've brought them all here, for your pleasure and convenience.

Nedelle - "Oh No!"

Nedelle - "Begin To Breathe"

Nedelle - "The Natural Night"

Visit Nedelle's website for more information or visit her KRS factsheet, which lists her upcoming tour dates with Fred Thomas (of the almost-too-awesome Saturday Looks Good To Me) and Deerhoof among others.

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